The Conservative Party

David Cameron outlined the core themes of the Conservative manifesto in January 2015:the deficit; jobs; tax levels; home ownership; education and retirement. There was no mention of the NHS.

Pledges for the NHS made at the Conservative Party conference in 2014, should they win the 2015 election, included:


  • a commitment to training and retaining an extra 5,000 GPs

Access to GPs and medical records:

  • seven day access to GPs by 2020
  • a named GP for every NHS patient
  • extending GP opening times
  • a promise that by April 2015 every patient will be able to access their own medical record on-line


  • a promise to ringfence the NHS budget during the next parliament and ‘continue to invest more’
  • deriving the most value from the NHS budget, cutting waste and spreading innovation from the independent sector.


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