Proposals for fire sale of NHS land and buildings

The recently published report from the Naylor Review says that the NHS needs £10 billion to restructure the NHS (e.g. through introducing new models of care) required by NHS England’s Five Year Plan. The report suggests finding this money through the rapid and wide scale disposal of NHS buildings and land (potentially £5.7 billion of NHS assets), as well as through Treasury funding that would match proceeds from sales, and the use of private finance (see our page on the contentious Private Finance Initiative).

NHS Trusts that don’t sell off ‘surplus’ assets (as designated by multinational company Deloitte) will be penalised: they will be blocked from getting capital funding grants, loans or private finance.

NHS property and land in London is particularly at risk because it will be of the highest value. (See our page on PropCo and the Naylor Review for more details)

Updated October 2017

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