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Information and organizations that may help you in supporting the NHS as a service available on an equal basis and free at the point of use

Sustainability and Transformation Plans

For information about Sustainability and Transformation Plans and how to oppose them, See

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Guide to Health and Wellbeing Boards

For a guide to Health and Wellbeing Boards – what they are and how to influence them – see and scroll to ‘Briefing on Health and Wellbeing Boards’.

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How to use the law to protect the NHS

For information on challenging government decisions on the NHS through judicial review, see and scroll to ‘Advice on the use of Judicial Review”.

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Guide to privatisation

Unite has produced a useful guide comparing the old and new structures of the NHS (after the HSC Act), the impact of privatisation and how to take action: see

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Guide to the healthcare system in England

This guide by the Department of Health presents a very rosy view of the NHS, downplaying the way it is being privatised. However, it provides a useful explanation of the new structure of the NHS. In addition, its supplement on accountability can provide useful information for members of the public who want to challenge decision-making at different levels of the NHS structure. See

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Ten tips to help save the NHS from privatisation

This helpful guide to fighting privatisation at a local level is available from

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Guides to patient and public engagement

NHS Networks has produced a series, “The Smart Guides”, for everyone working in or with Clinical Commissioning Groups. The guides provide advice on all aspects of patient and public engagement: and include ‘Practices and Patient Involvement‘, and ‘Working with LINks and Healthwatch‘.

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NHS Support Foundation

The NHS Support Foundation has a very useful campaign guide, giving details of

  • how to start a campaign,
  • useful tools and techniques for campaigning,
  • suggestions for who to contact,
  • how to work with an MP,
  • how to hold your local NHS to account,
  • how to use the law to help your campaing, and
  • a list of campaigning groups across the country.


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Public consultation on cutting services

Keep Our NHS Public (KONP) point out that services for older patients are easy targets for NHS Trusts trying to balance their books, and elderly care services are bearing the brunt of NHS cuts. They have produced a ‘Pensioners’ Leaflet’, equally useful for other groups, outlining our rights to a public consultation before any decision can be taken about reducing or closing services, and what to do if your NHS Trust does not consult properly. See .

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Making a legal challenge

One way of resisting closures or cuts in NHS services in your area is to make a legal challenge. For an introduction on how to go about this, see

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