Media Silence

How is it that we heard so little about these changes?

The unreported NHS

Generally speaking, the NHS usually gets media attention when something has gone wrong but its successes gain less attention. This creates a distorted picture of the NHS overall. The NHS Support Federation have produced a useful report about research findings that have not been adequately reported in the press but which help to give a more balanced picture of how the NHS is performing, especially with regard to healthcare systems in other developed nations. See

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Was the BBC silenced?

The nature of the HSC Bill received remarkably little press coverage during its long journey through Parliament. More specifically, the BBC has been criticised for allowing itself to be leaned on by the Government while the legislation for the ‘reforms’ was going through Parliament. See, e.g. which argues if the BBC had taken a more independent stance from the government, and raised awareness among the public about what was going on, that the legislation would never have been passed.

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