Campaigns currently running to scrutinize, highlight, and hold to account the decision makers, planners and managers of the NHS ‘reforms’.

Campaign groups

  • Campaign for a NHS Reinstatement Bill 

A campaign has been launched to restore the principles of the NHS that were undermined by the Health and Social Care Act (2012). At the heart of the campaign are proposals to reinstate the government’s duty to provide an NHS in England, abolish competition, re-establish public bodies and public accountability, and restrict the role of private companies.   Visit for more information.

  • Keep Our NHS Public (KONP)

KONP has been campaigning for some years against the privatisation of the NHS. It can provide you with details of local and national campaigning organisations, including updates on groups which are springing up to fight for local hospitals, A&E departments and specific services which are threatened with closure. KONP is a membership organisation, with national and local groups, providing frequent news updates, meetings, resources and campaigning events. Full information available on their website:

  •  38 Degrees.

38 Degrees’ million-strong emailing list gives them the capacity to put members in touch with other like-minded people in their area, so they can work together on local NHS issues.  More information from (Please note that 38Degrees covers many other issues besides the NHS but currently this is high on their agenda.)

  • Big Up the NHS

This campaign is concerned with countering unwarranted negative press about the NHS. For more details see

  • People versus Profit

The People vs PFI is a campaign to raise awareness about the scandal of using the Private Finance Initiative, a hugely expensive way of raising money to provide public infrastructure like new hospitals while making massive profits for private investors. For more details see or email

  • Corporate Watch

Corporate Watch is an independent research group, investigating the social and environmental impacts of corporations. It produces informative reports,  a do-it-yourself handbook on investigating companies, including those involved in public services, and runs workshops on how to research PFI contracts and understand how they work. See

  • 999 Call for the NHS

Following the 999 People’s March for the NHS from Jarrow to London in 2014, this group continues to campaign, provide resources, help people to set up local campaign groups and network. See

  • The People’s NHS

This is a community run campaign, supported by the union Unite, that campaigns to stop the privatisation of the NHS. It provides information about what is happening to the NHS and gives contact details of existing campaign groups across England. See

  • Artists Against TTIP

Artists Against TTIP is a growing group of performers, musicians, designers, visual artists, and directors who want to raise awareness of the threats posed by TTIP. See

  • Health Campaigns Together (HCT)

HCT is an umbrella organisation that brings together many groups that are campaigning to save the NHS and work on issues of common concern.  You cannot join HCT as an individual, although you can send a financial donation to help their work, or encourage any group that you are involved with, such as a trades union branch, to affiliate. HCT produce a regular newsletter with a wide range of really useful, up-to-date information, which can be downloaded for free. See

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Finding local health and welfare campaigns

  • The NHS Support Federation  has an extensive list of campaigns across the country. You can search their lists for events in your area and you can send in details of local campaigns which need support. See their ‘Campaign Groups Directory’, as well as their useful Campaign Tool Kit at  at
  • False Economy is aimed at all those concerned about the effects of government cuts. You can find a comprehensive list of campaigns at, although not all are about the NHS.
  • 999 Call for the NHS has created an on-line map of the UK to help groups fighting for the NHS to network. See
  • See also Keep Our NHS Public (above)
  • The People’s NHS has a website which can help you find groups campaigning in particular areas.
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