Health minister tries to impose contract on junior doctors

Jeremy Hunt has decided to impose the new contract on junior doctors against their will, claiming that a letter from the chief negotiator and 20 NHS chief executives urged him to do whatever was necessary to break the deadlock. However, the chief negotiator says that his views have been misrepresented, and many of the chief execs now want their names removed from the letter as they say it’s not the version that they signed.

While NHS Foundation Trusts in England are not legally obliged to impose the contract, Health Education England (the body responsible for education and training) has indicated that decisions about awarding Trusts the funding for training will   partly depend on whether Trusts are bringing in the new contract .

There is a petition to ask David Cameron to stop the imposition of the junior doctors’ contract at recruiter=346024624&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink

For details about the issues behind the dispute, see

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