What is happening to the NHS?

The NHS has been one of the best and most cost-effective health care systems in the world. But it’s now in crisis, largely because of

  • Removal of government funding for capital projects, forcing many NHS organisations  to use the Private Finance Initiative and take on unmanageable debt;
  • Rising pressure on the NHS, for example from increased levels of poverty and homelessness following the government’s ‘austerity’ measures;
  • Underfunding of the NHS and financial cuts, with demands for crippling ‘efficiency savings’.

These changes are not just re-organising the NHS. They are creating a system of healthcare where privatisation is encouraged and where, in future, services are unlikely to be funded from general taxes or equally available to all.

 How can we stop this?

This website’s main aim is to provide patients and the general public with up to date information about what is happening to the NHS in England.

We also give details of campaigning groups concerned with reclaiming the NHS and supporting the NHS Reinstatement Bill. There are also resources (e.g. articles, videos and blogs and our leaflet outlining what is happening) and an explanation of terms.

                                           For more details about patients4nhs, please see our page “What we are about”.

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