What we are all about….

This website has been set up by a group of patients to share information about how the NHS is changing and why. We are not a membership group but work alongside other groups and campaigns that are defending our NHS.

What is happening to the NHS?

The NHS has been one of the best and most cost-effective health care systems in the world.* But it is now in crisis.

Our health services face many challenges, such as changes in disease patterns, a rise in the number of older people with complex problems, and the increased cost of treatments.  But the most significant threat to its future is the way that it’s being seriously undermined by government policies and legislation. These include

Opening up the NHS to competition has also made it vulnerable to inclusion in trade and investment agreements (such as CETA and TTIP) and the extraction of NHS funding by multinational corporations. These deals may also include mechanisms that make the privatisation of the NHS irreversible.

These changes mean that a new system for providing health care is being set up, largely without the awareness or agreement of the public. This is not just a re-organised health service but one built on very different principles – where privatisation is encouraged and comprehensive health care will no longer be funded from general taxes and equally available to all.

 How can we stop this?

This website aims to provide patients and the general public with up to date information about what is happening to the NHS in England.

It gives details of campaigns and organisations concerned with reversing privatisation and reclaiming the NHS that you might want to join – such as the campaign to support the NHS Reinstatement Bill.

The website also provides resources, such as a list of articles, videos and blogs that you might find useful, and an explanation of terms that you may come across. There is also a patients4nhs leaflet that explains what is happening to the NHS. This can be downloaded and printed off by anyone wanting to use it to campaign for the NHS.

We hope you will support us by passing on the website link to others. 


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